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Zheng Huaguo

Vitiligo experts

Zheng Huaguo Chief Physician, Member of Expert Team

Chairman of skin disease Specialized Committee in China traditional medical association.

One of founders of Zhong Ke UM-D multi-dimensional diagnose and treatment system.

He has devoted himself on the studying of dermatology clinical and scientific research work for 30 years. He represented Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital to attend an international vitiligo academic communication.

Participate in the development of unit cell cultivation technology (CAS) studying. He solved the problem of that excessive apoptosis of melancytes. It has achieved a very obviously effect in diagnose and treating this disease. It is as core technology of UM-D multidimensional vitiligo diagnose and treatment system.

He also is a leader expert in the treatment of psoriasis, he said the vitiligo is similar with psoriasis, the symptoms are superficial, but it originates from blood, the root is internal organs.Mr Zheng remaining that in order to cure this disease we should aware of that finding the truly causes is treating direction, control it spreading is our goals, restoring the color is the fundamental. The reason why the vitiligo rebound again is because it doesn’t cure completely, only use three-dimensional and comprehensive standard treatment, the vitiligo can be cured completely.

He is good at to treating the Generalized Vitiligo,Acrofacial Vitiligo,Universal Vitiligo,Mucosal Vitiligo , Segmental Vitiligo  and Psoriasis.

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