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Cui Yongling

Dr. Cui Yongling

Vice Chief dermatologist

The chief physician in Beijing Zhongke vitiligo hospital.

Member of Beijing Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine

Member of the Group of experts on "Multi-dimensional Vitiligo diagnosis and treatment system" in Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Dr. Cui Yongling, who was born in a family of herbalists for generations, and graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Traditional Medicine when she was young, is noted for her exquisite leech-craft combining her clinical experience with unique Chinese traditional medicine. Rather than more medicine to take, suitable medicine is much better, which is the famous belief she holds to treat patients. Besides, she has lucubrated light therapy theories of vitiligo treatment for decades in order to make an individual treatment plans for patients based on their symptoms and physical condition. She is also renowned for her patience and amiable.

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