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Beijing Zhongke(Zhongke) Vitiligo Hospital was established strictly following the WHO’s diagnostic and treatment criteria and is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. We are located in Beijing, Capital of China, helping patients all over China, popular among patients at home and abroad, so we are an international modern specialized Vitiligo hospital integrating prevention, health care, rehab as well as scientific & research. Holding the international cutting-edge concept of vitiligo treatment and strictly following the diagnostic and treatment criteria, we set up complete scientific, reasonable diagnostic & treatment standard system, which provide precise diagnostic basis for the clinical practices and efficient treatment guarantee. According to different patients�?different causes, we classify the diagnosis through high-technical tests and give them individualized treatments so as to improve success rate of relapse vitiligo. After more than ten years�?practices, we gained patient’s trust at home and abroad.

According to WHO’s criteria on vitiligo treatment, Beijing Zhongke(Zhongke) Vitiligo Hospital sets up our vitiligo evaluation and diagnostic and treatment system combining characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, we hold the practicing concept of Professionals are better in their specialty, and work wholeheartedly for patient’s recovery. We believe in Honest and Kindness, good medical ethics can make doctors more proficient, so we are devoted in our medical ethics establishment to practice and become more proficient.

Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital covering an area of 18000 square meters, we are equipped following the third class hospital with excellent environment, advanced facilities, centralized AC, wifi and imported diagnostic and treatment equipment from USA and German as well as good services. Here you can enjoy world top class diagnosis and treatment as well as first class services.Download Hospital �?/a>

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