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I Have My Vitiligo treated in This Winter

Cure VitiligoThree years ago, I went to see western doctors and traditional Chinese medicine doctors all over China. But my vitiligo was not improved and I felt depressed and tired till one day, I know the story of one patient: He got vitiligo too, and we had the same experience, the difference is that his vitiligo is treated in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital. So I was eager to go to Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital.

I still remember my mind at that time like yesterday when I went into Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital with hope and anxiety. Then first I saw a guide receipted me who is very kind and thoughtful. After a short conversation, I went into Director Liu Yuntao’s diagnosing room. After careful examination, Director Liu Yuntao said only one sentence, which give me confidence. He said to me: your vitiligo belongs to focal type which only occurs to some part of body, do not worry, we have many successful cases for this type of vitiligo.

Director Liu Yuntao after careful examination and diagnosis, finally make treatment plan “CASU UM-D multiple-dimensional Vitiligo Treatment Assessment System”and he suggested that I should take this treatment for about three courses and after that there will be obvious improvement. So, I followed with hope and observing the changes day by day. At the beginning week, there wasn’t obvious change, then from the second week, I suddenly discovered that there was obvious small black points at the vitiligo area and experts told me that this is the melanin produced. I am so excited and pay more attention to it, a few days later, my vitiligo area gradually turns to normal skin color.

Thanks very much to experts. For years, I was suffering with vitiligo and treatment and went to many hospitals and took so much medicine too, but all in vain and there wasn’t any change. But now finally I get rid of vitiligo which has bothered my for so many years. And all words can turn to one: Thanks to Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital and thanks to Director Liu Yuntao!

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