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Cure vitiligoXiao Yu is a good village girl, studied very hard, and all neighbors liked her very much. However, at the end of last year, when all people were busy with preparation for new year, her mother found that she had small white spots in her fingers in right hand. However, at that time, she did not pay much attention to it, thought maybe it was the scar after some kind of careless injuries. But after sometime, the white spots is still there, and seems like more white than before, so, her mother took her to health clinic in the village and doctors there did not give definite diagnosis but gave her some ointment for skin disease.

With the ointment after one week, the white spots were still there and seemed expanding. So her mother got worried and took her to Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital. With overall tests, she was diagnosed with vitiligo.

After knowing that Xiao Yu got vitiligo, all neighbors came to tell them to have it treated as early as possible, and if there was any problem, they would help solve it, all of them liked Xiao Yu very much. And Xiao Yu lives in a not very rich family, and her parents also worried about the expenses. However the neighbors comforted them and with the little savings, Xiao Yu was admitted to the hospital and took treatment there.

Xiao Yu did not get depressed because of her disease, and was still optimistic as always, because she knew that her treatment brought stress for her family, she could not worry them more. And she was studying in the third year of her junior school, and she was about to took examination to senior high school and she was determined to go to the key senior high school, so she missed some classes during her treatment in hospital. In order not to affect her marks, she studied by herself and called her teachers and classes when she came across some difficulties.

Luckily for her, her condition was improved very quickly, and during treatment, she remembered doctor’s advices and avoid irritating food, and developed good living habit which help relieved her condition. Finally, she recovered from vitiligo and went back to school.

Kindly remind: Many patients know little about vitiligo, and did not realize the consequences at the early stage, used some medication which did not treat vitiligo properly, but also make it worse.

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