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6-year Vitiligo Recovery Case in CASU Vitiligo Hospital

6-year Vitiligo Recovery Case in CASU Vitiligo Hospital,VitiligoYingjie Chen,a male native of Heibei province in China. One day of 2010, he found a white spot occur front of the left ear, which spread to his face, right ear, front breast, the back, wait, genital, armpit and hands and feet.

Then he came to Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital for treatments, the expert zheng gave him some of the treatments. There are some effects, but the patient think the effect is too slow, so he made a departure process. During the past 6 years, he tried many treatments and medicine, injection, infusion, even surgery in various hospitals. He spent lots of money and suffered a lot from the process, the worst thing is that he missed the best treatment time. The white spots get bigger and bigger, the color loss is more severe, even eyebrow turned white, finally he was treated as a freak among people.

Then he came Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital once more, the head and face color loss have been the most severe porcelain white that is difficult to recovery. The expert zheng never loses hope for him, in the more 10 days of the normal patients treatment effective time, the doctor made a personal treatment plan for him, the effect is good and it was really a mystery for him. In such a severe condition of color loss, the head and face skin color got a recovery in two months. The handsome guy came into our sight, he was a french bakery worker and gave up his dream for the disease. When the vitiligo got recovery, he picked up his dream once more and found a job. The next year, he will marry his beloved girl friend. Hope he won’t suffer from the disease in the future of him. And he will get a further treatment, and let the body white spots get improvement, and the happy life is also on road.

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