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Face Vitiligo Recovery Case

Face Vitiligo Recovery Case,Vitiligo When Yingying Sun was a 14 years old girl, she found some little white spots on her face when she saw a mirror. She is a girl who lives in Shandong province. She ignored the condition, while the white patches get more and more in the future couple months, the other areas also get involved like hands, feet, trunk, etc. The new ones drew her attention and make her be afraid. Her parents brought her to the hospital of Shandong province, the doctor gave her some external creams and oral medication. There is no effect in two months, but the white spots get more severe.

Her mood was desperate, she was a lively teenager while once she got vitiligo she felt shamefaced to talk with the others and she didn’t want to go to school. Her parent also didn’t how to deal with the change and suffering, they went to many hospitals and ate various medications without any effects. That time the advertisement of Beijing CASU TCM Hospital drew their attention, they wanted to have a try. The expert Zheng made a careful test and a complete explanation of her condition, then arranged the hospitalization treatments. After 18 days treatments, the head and face condition get obvious recovery, and she gradually showed smile on her faces. Another two times she came to Beijing CASU TCM Hospital for further treatments. The whole body’s white spots also turn back to the original color. She want to go to school for study.

The teenager gets vitiligo, we’d better get an early diagnosis, early treatment, then we can get recovery early. Or we miss the best treatment time, the treatments won’t show that fast effects. Keep a positive mind, the condition will get better.

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