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A 7-year Old Boy Vitiligo Recovery Case

A 7-year Old Boy Recovery Vitiligo Case,VitiligoA male boy named as Haoxuan Chen, 7 years old, lives in Shanxi province of China. One day his parents bought breakfast in Beijing city and they found white patches on belly without obvious triggers in June 2016. Those white spots grow bigger gradually, then the other areas also occurs different size, irregular shape white patches on scalp, hairline, armpits, chin, hands and feet. But he hasn’t any itching or uncomfortable condition.

The parents brought him to the Beijing Child Hospital for treatment. It is diagnosed as vitiligo, and gave him some cream without obvious effects. In August of 2016, they came to Beijing CASU TCM Hospital for a specialist treatment. The first treatment plan was fixed as 15 days. In the durance of hospitalization, the effects were obvious, and the patient can stay longer time, then the effects can show most white spots, and the medication can be the further treatment. In the hospitalization period, the scalp white spots get repigmentation, the other areas also show a clear melanin belt. The parents are very pleased with the effects. In the September, he came once more, hoping a total recovery.

The kid with vitiligo, there will have big influence on the whole life. So we need an early diagnosis and early treatments, then the kids can have a normal life like the other children. If you want to know more vitiligo prognosis, you can consult our online doctor.

The early stage symptoms are not obvious, many patients may ignore the condition and treatments. When the condition is out their control, the cream and hormone medicine lose that effects. Then the patients come to the hospital for treatments and the best treatment time is delayed. And you can also call the online call number and make a appointment, you can also make a video diagnosis. You can send your problem to casuhospital@hotmail.com and we will reply as soon as possible.

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