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Forehead Vitiligo Recovery Case with TCM Therapy

Forehead Vitiligo Recovery Case with TCM Therapy,vitiligoYanjie Huang is 23 years old vitiligo patient who lives in Henan province of China. 10 years ago, he accidently found white spots on scalp skin with a sign to turn bigger and bigger, he went to native hospital for test and treatments. He was diagnosed as vitiligo and took some external creams and oral medications.

The scalp vitiligo got repigmentation, while the condition was not controlled, the white spots spread to other parts of body like neck, forehead, front chest, back, belly, arms and feet. He changed to another hospital, and the right side of chin gets a pigment grafting, so the chin get repigmentation. In recent one year, the white patches reoccur on hands. The couple years of treatment’s hope was destroyed by the reoccurrence of hand white spots.

Because of the long term usage of hormone medicine, the side effect occurs, the new white patches occur rapidly, and he was with obesity sign. He was desperate. And when he heard a famous vitiligo hospital named Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital, he was with little hope but the family’s insistence, he come to the hospital to have a try.

When the patient came, the stress mood without hope was found by the doctor. The doctor Zheng knew the cause why he was so sad. So he want to give him a direct stimulation and asked: “Do you have girl friend? And dose she mind your vitiligo? Do you have a good job? How about the relationship with your boss and colleague? How about your salary?”

With so many hard questions, the real man cried. The doctor knew the mood, and he must believe the doctor and you have been the hospital to face the disease. Through a system of teats, he was arranged for hospitalization. And in the 8th day treatments, there was obvious effect. Because of the previous treatments, he has spent much time and treatments fee, then the doctor applied for an aid for him. That was not that much, but the patient was very happy and pleased with the effects.

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