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Indian Patient Recovered From Vitiligo In Beijing

treat vitiligo on faceGenesh is an officer who worked in Indian Embassy in Beijing. And unlucky for him, he was used to be a vitiligo patient for 3 years. At the beginning, there was only a very small white spot on his face. Then he went to hospital in India and doctor there diagnosed it with vitiligo and prescribed some oitment for him. At the beginning, it seemed worked, but gradually, spots appears in other parts gradually near his ear and spread gradually to eyebrow and beard during the last three years.

When he arrived Beijing, Capital of China because of his work, vitiligo spread to patches and filled almost all over his face. He was so bothered by vitiligo, as you can imagine, as an officer in Indian Embassy, he needs to meet many important person from all foreign countries and take part in many important meetings as well, but vitiligo most of the time embarrassed him.

Luckly for him, oneday, from one of his friend, he knew Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital. With hope and anxiety, he came here and met Director Liu Yuntao who is very well-known and experienced in vitiligo treatment.

After we run several necessary tests and Director Liu examined his vitiligo very carefully, Director Liu told him not to worry and talked together with other experts in our hospital about his vitiligo and specific condition and they made treatment plan specifically for him.

With the treatment going on, he gradually found that there were some normal skin color spots appears in vitiligo area, which began to shrink after 10 days of the treatment.

Then because of work problem, he was discharged and left our hospital, but came back for check-up regularly. What pleased him most was that after 65 days of treatment with the medicine prescribed by Director Liu, all the vitiligo on his face, eyebrows and ear recovered to normal color.

Seeing Director Liu, he can not help saying that traditional Chinese medicine doctors are so amazing! Thank you Director Liu and thanks to Beijing Hospital!

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