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A Recovery Case of A vitiligo Patient

A vitiligo patientThere is a Chinese male vitiligo patient who named Tong Delong, 19 years old, who comes from Xinmin City, Liaoning province. Because when his vitiligo occurred, his age was still very young, He can not remember very clearly about his vitiligo causes.

He can just remembers that this stubborn skin disease accompanies with him the whole puberty. According to his families’ introduction, the onset of his vitiligo firstly occurred on the right side of his abdomen ten years ago, like a small fingernail size. Later, his white spots gradually increase and enlarge to the whole abdomen. What’s worse, there began to appear vitiligo on his right side of wrist, right side of low limbs, and double feet. When his families realized the ponderance of the disease and the importance of timely treatment, they accompanied with him to get treatment in a skin hospital in Shenyang province. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with vitiligo. In the hospital, he took many medicines orally or externally. However, there was no obvious effect. Later, his families accompanied him see a doctor in a hospital in Beijing. Although there are melanin generating, his condition can not get controlled effectively. On the contrary, his white spots still got bigger and bigger, which lead to the patient’s inferiority feeling get deeper with the aggravation of his disease.

One day, Tang’s sister unintentionally saw the advertisement of Beijing CASU Huabei TCM Vitiligo Hospital, they decided to have a try in this hospital. Then they came to Beijing. When they arrived at hospital, Zheng Huaguo expert made carefully and professionally examination for him. Zheng Huaguo expert made specific explanation about vitiligo to help patient better know about vitiligo, and made specific treatment plan for him. With the patient’s cooperation and the effort of Zheng Huaguo expert, his vitiligo began to have clear boundary after 15 day’s treatment. There are melanin appearing on his white spots. When the patient saw the growth of melanin, he gradually become more confident. Later, Zheng Huaguo expert told him that his treatment effect was very good. And he should persist on treatment, perennial treatment can not be cured at short time, he should get scientific treatment step by step.

Finally, after three month’s fight with the stubborn skin disease, his white spots get recovery. Tong Delong get confident and positive again.

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