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A Girl: Choose Professional Vitiligo Hospital

A girl: choose professional vitiligo hospitalA girl is nine years old, and she has gotten this disease vitiligo for about one year. She is still very young and doesn’t know the damage and influence of vitiligo to her future life, study and work. But in her mind, she doesn’t want vitiligo to appear on her face and spread to all of her body. She knows it is good. At this time, parents should know how to choose correct treatment for their children and help their vitiligo recover at the initial stage.

Her vitiligo white spot appeared at the hamstring. And at the beginning, her vitiligo was just as big as a fingernail. She treated it at her local place at that time. But the doctor said that her condition can not be cured. So she and her families gave up treating it. And doctor said the size was too small and he could not see it clearly. Her doctor asked her to visit him again when the weather was hot. But later her white spots spread and she had no idea.

Then her families accompanied her to see the doctor in Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital. At that time, some of her hair was white, which mean the melanin loss was serious. And the some of her hair was not white, meaning the melanin loss was little. After our experts saw her condition, he gave suggestions according to her condition. We must stop it from spreading. First, doctors done some examinations for her to find out the cause of her vitiligo. And then to improve her internal recycle and metabolism in her body and improve the regeneration of melanophore.

After a period of treatment, we can see her facial vitiligo recovery. It is very good, even beyond doctor’ imagine. She saw effect after two weeks’ treatment. And after 40-60 days’ treatment, she saw obvious effect. Some of your white spots have already faded away.

From her case, we can know vitiligo patients should be confident and patient. Take positive treatment, and then we believe you can defeat your vitiligo.

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