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A Vitiligo Patient’s Treatment Process

A vitiligo patient's treatment processMany vitiligo patients can not correctly know their vitiligo condition, even can not choose regular vitiligo hospital to treat this disease. Thus delaying the optimal treatment time and leading to the aggravation of their vitiligo. Here is one patient sharing his treatment experience to help more vitiligo patients to better defeat this stubborn skin disease.

His name is Liyang, who got vitiligo for about 7-8 years. When he came to our hospital for treatment in 2011, he began to pay attention to this disease. He used to smear the medicines sold in drugstore, the medicines are very cheap, just more than ten yuan. But his white spots got bigger. Then he came to pay attention to it. Then he came to our hospital. At that time, he just bought two months’ medicines and then he went back home. After using that medicine for two weeks, his facial vitiligo got recovery. But vitiligo on his body developed. Then he changed to another hospital. During these years, he went to about 10 hospitals. If he can not see effect in one hospital, he will change to another hospital, such as Peking Union Medical College Hospital. No matter big hospitals or small hospitals, he all tried.

His vitiligo didn’t spread, but it was not treated. He got whelk when he was 18 years old. The last year, he smeared folk prescription that can treat whelk. But his face got all white. His mother thought in Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital, he had some effect, but in other hospitals, he had no effect. Therefore, he came back our hospital again. In 2011, he was very thin. In Peking Union Medical College Hospital, the doctor gave him some hormone drugs. He ate that medicines for about one month, but he put on weight for about 15 kilogram. What’s worse, there was no effect for his vitiligo. He was very hopeless. He remember clearly that, in Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital, he got small dots on his face after 13 days’ treatment. His whole face gets recovery after 4-5 months’ treatment. His face white spots beyond 90%. At present, from his condition, we can see that his condition getting very well.

With the doctor’s conscientious treatment and Liyang’s patience and confidence, Liyang has already been treated, and he becomes a sunny boy again. We believe, vitiligo patients can defeat this disease and regain happiness.

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