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A Myanmar Vitiligo Patient Treatment experience

A Myanmar Vitiligo Patient Treatment experience

My name is Naw Naw Naing, I come from Myanmar. I am an electric welder.

My Vitiligo is caused by an accident. I suffered from external injuries on my face. I went to many countries for the treatment. Such as India and Singapore, I try using the ayurvedic treatment but it didn’t get good treatment effects. One day, I searched on the treatment of vitiligo I found their hospital accidently and I’m very interested to their hospital after reading their website, and see the video about the introduction of their hospital, It leaves a good impression to me. So finally I decide to come to China treat my vitiligo.

When I come to their hospital, they do a lot of investigations to me like wood lamp test, immunity function test, and skin CT. I found that their treatment is very holistic. Every day, I will have 3-5hours to get the normally treatment, like Injection, infusion, cream, tablet, Chinese herb, bath therapy, laser treatment, phototherapy, electro-acupuncture therapy, and so on.

 Vitiligo Treatment

Because the color of my white spots almost present as porcelain white, so the first time I treated here only complete the first phrase treatment that is controlled my vitiligo development, but my vitiligo did not restore to the normal color. This time, in view of the melanocytes in my vitiligo sites almost disappeared, so the doctor suggests me to adopt the epidermal skin grafting surgery to treat my vitiligo. Today is the 25 days I treated in this hospital.

I want to tell every vitiligo patients the strength of belief, you need to trust yourself, trust the doctor, believe the specialist vitiligo hospital, we will succeed, come on dear friends.

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