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Vitiligo Treats Experience for one Chinese patient

Patient’s gender: male

Age: 28

Born place: Shan Dong province

Symptoms: The white patches spreading very fast, and the vitiligo type is generalized vitiligo, the white patches is major on my chest, face and abdomen, and hands, legs.

One of our patients who from Shan Dong province is 28 years old has been suffer from this disease for four years. For his symptoms is the white patches spreading very fast, and the vitiligo type is generalized vitiligo, the white patches is major on my chest, face and abdomen, and hands, legs.

vitiligo treatment experience for one Chinese patient

I have used many therapeutic to treat this disease, and use many differeent kinds of creams. But I didn’t see any effect. One day I found this CASU vitiligo hospital online. When I came the hospital, and the doctor ask me you have seek for many treatment in recent years. Do I do any test for this disease, and do I know the real cause of this disease? I said never. I found the most of the difference for this hospital is not only it is a specialized vitiligo hospital but also their medical device is very advanced, such as the silicon light and carbon light therapy, and electro acupuncture therapy that I never heard before. So it increases my confidence to fight with this disease. At the first few days of my treatment, every day I went to the therapeutic room to have a regularly treatment, such as the light therapy, and medicated bath, Intravenous infusion. After one week I found that the melancytes start to grow. Usually we can not see the treatment effect in our eyes except under the wood lamp.

For my 5 months treatment experience in CASU vitiligo hospital, I analyze It is very important to find the most appropriate therapeutic methods before starting the treatment, need to do some test first in order to know the patho physiology of this disease.

In daily life, there are many matters that we need to notice, and vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it is hard to cure this disease completely, and the treatment last a long course, many of the patients didn’t insist on the treatment but give up on the way. On the other hand many patients didn’t follow the scientific standard and systematic and professional treatment. It cause more severe of this disease. So that’s the reason why this disease is so hard to get cured.

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