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A 27-Year Vitiligo Recovery Case

A 27-Year Vitiligo Recovery Case,VitiligoErica is a UK vitiligo patient, 46 years old, who has suffered vitiligo for 27 years. And she is not the only vitiligo patient, her mother also has vitiligo for decades years. As we all know that vitiligo is also a genetic skin disorder. And she has tried many treatments but there is no obvious effect.

When she searched the website and consulted the online doctor. The doctor talked with her condition and used treatments. The white patches boundary is not clear, which shows that the vitiligo is still in active stage. If she doesn’t control the expansion of vitiligo, there will show new patches on skin. From email and calls, after 4 months communication, she wants to come China to have a try for UM-D vitiligo treatments.

The experts and nurses met her, and the other day make a treatment plan for her in 15 days treatments. There are 3 steps for her. The first step is to control the active stage. The second step repigmentation. The third step is to prevent the recurrence of vitiligo.

The doctor used UM-D system treatments for vitiligo. It is a system of western treatments as well as the traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese medicine is a type of herb medicine of specialist vitiligo therapy. The herbs can be used to bath therapy, the skin can absorb the medicine to open the follicle of skin, then the medicine is rapidly absorbed. The heat can also promote the herb soup into gas form.

Combined with the modern treatments like laser, cream and tablets, the doctor will give a system treatment. The skin turns red, then after 6 days continue treatments and medication. There are some black dots on skin that is called as melanin island. After two weeks treatments, there are some areas showed the original color.

After 15 days treatments, there already show some good effects. Then she got another 15 days treatments, she was really happy with 3 months medication came back home.

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