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One of Patient's Treatment Experience

One of patient's treatment experienceMeng xue is a girl love to dance, eight years ago she accidently hurt her keens whilw practicing dancing. She found that there are some white patches appear upon her wound after the wound get cured, and gradually the white patches are spreading to the whole body surface. Her family knew that she is a girl love beauty very much. No matter what they methods can treat white patches, They will bring Meng xue to look for the treatment.

During eight years, Meng xue have received many kinds of treatment such as the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicines, and internal using or external using medicines, even UVB. Her relatives even made some medicines on their own, however the white patches spread more aggressively.

Meng xue’s family member brought her to Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital received the treatment. Specialist Liu examine her white patches by using wood lamp test. He found her white patches are incomplete vitiligo. There are some hidden white patches that we can not see by our eyes. And he diagnoses it as the developing vitiligo. He also inspects the melancytes amount by three dimensional dynamic scanners. The test will proved the accurate basis for the treatment.

Specialist Liu made a comprehensive and detailed therapeutic plan based on the patients condition. First control the spreading of white patches, and then, applies the multi-dimensional to treat this disease. Specialist said that her vitiligo is still on developing phase, so the first principle is to stop the development of white patches, avoid applies some irritants external medication, avoid to use the 308 laser therapy, for it will damage the normal structure of skin after using this irritants therapy, it will induce the body produce now white patches.

After she stay hospital few days, there are some new melancytes forming, after three course of treatment her white patches totally disappeared.

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