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Madam Xu's Treatment Experience

Madam Xu's treatment experienceOne patient called Xu she is a mother, and she has a very happy family. It is very happiness for a mother she has her family and her children even not so rich, however one time Xu hurt her waist during her work, after that she saw some new white patches appear on her waist. She started to live with the medicines. And during five years, she insisted on to take medicines and applied some creams. But once she saw some temporary improvement, white patches will come again.

In august 2016, Xu came to Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital find the specialist Zheng, after examination, the specialist found her vitiligo is due to immune system defect, and accompanied with deficiency of the trace elements. For her, we have to adjust the immunity first. Specialist Zheng applied the Three yuan biological immune balance technique adjust the immunity disorder, Then applied Multi-dimensional UM-D therapy to restoring skin color. The first step, eliminate the blood waste by using O3 therapy. The second step is open the microelement channels, and make the microelement go through smoothly. Thirdly, he applied silicon photo cell lattice kinetic energy technology to promote the division and migration. After five days treatment, the white patches start to grow some new melancyts, after one month, the melanin will connect together and cover the white patches. The white patches will totally disappear after two months treatment, three months later, Vitiligo completely recover.

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