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Vitiligo Patient Celebrate Birthday In Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital


We got a patient from Oman whose name is Ahmed, he arrived Beijing in April 18th, and start treatment at 19th. He got vitiligo most on his hands and feet, some white spots on body, and he tried some medicine, but it didn’t worked. Then he find our website and consult with our doctor, decided to come to our hospital to get treatment.

Vitiligo Patient

Our specialist make him a specific therapy plan. And up to now, he is doing a great job, especially the white spot shrinking on his back, lots of new melanophore showed up, and hands also had some good reaction. It was an accident that we got his birthday is 16th of April. So We want give him a special birthday as a surprise, so we booked a birthday cake for him, and asked the whole department come to celebrate his birthday.

Vitiligo Patient Celebrate Birthday

We got whole thing set up at the 26th morning, and he go to treatment center as usual. One of our colleague try not to tell Ahmed that we got a surprise for him, she just piggish for the cake and can help herself laugh. Ahmed asked why she looks more than happy, she just said I’m hungry for no reason. In the afternoon, after the transfusion, we called him that we gonna check him vitiligo condition in case he went to take a nap. After he open the door we said happy birthday together, Ahmed did looked surprise, and then smile.We went in and light the candle, and put the hat for him, then we sing the song together, let him blow the candle so he can make a wise. He said his wise is cured this disease, and hope it never come back.

Our specialist Dr. Liu replied he will. Shame that our dean got some business to do, so he couldn’t come, but he made a video for Ahmed, which was good. He looks really delightful, this is his first birthday in a foreign country, and he will remember this for a long time. This is a special experience for him, not anyone could have a happy birthday in a foreign hospital. One last step and most important one, eat the cake. All of us is happy and pleasure. Hope our friend Ahmed he will recover soon, bless him.

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