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Be Careful to Choose the Cosmatic Products with vitiligo

Be careful to choose the cosmatic products

Pay attention: one girl even suffer from vitiligo after using the fake eyelashes and double eyelid stickers. For this ear, it major looks at the appearance, many of the girls love beauty so much, they thought the simple eyelid look not pretty, they use the double eyelid stickers to make their eyes bigger. Some times they will choose to use the eyeliner, eye shadow, lenses, multi-pronged false eyelash. However one of the girls from Changsha just suffers from vitiligo, how does this thing happen?

Long term using cosmetic products will make the eyelid become white spot?

Liqing is a second year broadcasting professional colleague student, because of she usually have to do a part time job, so she need to wear of the fake eyelash, and double eyelid stickers etc.

Recently two months, Liqing noticed there are the white patches over her eyelid.

At last month, suddenly the eyelid area appears small white patches, and then it start to spread.

The white patches are diagnosed as vitiligo, and then it start to spread. After examination in hospital, Liqing was diagnosed as vitiligo, the doctor point out that adapt grade to the cosmetic produces is different. Li qing skin type belongs to allergic skin.

What is the vitiligo this disease?

Vitiligo is a common acquired confined or generalized skin depigmentation skin disease. It aroused due to the skin’s melancytes function disappeared. But we are still not clear of the mechanism for this disease, the whole body area can occur this symptoms, such as digital dorsal, forearm, face, neck, and genitals, wrist, forearm, face, neck, and genitals area.

Then how does the Liqing suffer from this disease? Liqing suspect it may probably related to using the fake eyelashes, and double eyelid stickers. Because of all these cosmetic products generally is bought from the hospital gate. So the quality can not promise.

The doctor explains that, the certain chemical substance internal cosmetic will irritate her skin and damage the skin melancytes. If don’t stop using that, the skin other part will appear of some new white patches.

How to use the cosmetic products correctly?

Eyes is easily to get allergy area for the human body, if it is the sensitive skin, before using the fake eyelash glue, we need to do allergic test first, once we find the patient is allergy to it, need to stop using it immediately. All these chemical substance might injury our skin. The skin will become swollen when it is not severe, but for the severe case the patients might suffer from skin disease. So we have to be very careful to choose the cosmetic products.

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