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New Findings about Vitiligo

New findings about vitiligoMany physicians even some dermatologists, fail to recognize the profound social and psychological impact vitiligo may have on its victims. Vitiligo is painless and non-pruritic and, unlike psoriasis, it is not associated with shedding of skin scales. But the disfigurement of vitiligo, accentuated among persons with brown or black skin, can be devastating.

Beijing ZhongKe vitiligo hospital first time reveal the amelanotic melanocytes’s active factors and migration mechanism after ten years study. It pushes award the study of traditional Chinese medicine to the melancytes. This study acquire Chinese medical study were 2007 Chinese medical science and technology prize, second prize.

The vitiligo is a common stubborn skin disease, Beijing ZhongKe vitiligo hospital dermatologist professor Liu found there are some scattered small brown spots appear on the patient’s skin during treatment progress. This phenomenon remind him the etiology is due to the destroyed of the melancytes, however there also remind a kind of pre-melancytes without activate at hair follicle. He found that if we activate the pre-melancytes, we will have a higher chance to treat vitiligo. Thus, our specialist team spent about 10 years to have a deep study to the pre-melancytes.

Our specialist team devoted them on out root sheath amelanotic melanocyte’s targeting, separating, and culturing, culture base improving. They firs time found that atomic force microscope show accurately of epidermis melancytes’ dendritic system and three ways transporting system of melancytes. The expert group also detected 300 various kind of single Chinese medicine, and compound traditional Chinese medicine, more than twenty monomer and some western medicine play a role on synthesizing of the epidermis MC melanin, and enzymes activity, and single transduction.

It is no wonder vitiligo patients can turn aggressive, feel a sense of shame, or become withdrawn and resentful. For many, vitiligo is not just a cosmetic problem-it is a major social dysfunction that seriously curtails their ability to lead a normal work, social or married life. Reversal of the white spots and restoration of normal skin color is therefore the primary hope for all these disfigured vitiligo patients.

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