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What are The Frequently Asked Questions for Vitiligo?

vitiligo patientsWe know that vitiligo as a very common skin disease, Here are some questions that are frequently asked by patients.

How to Know the Effects of Vitiligo Treatments?

1. The white patch’s boundary from obscure turn clear, or the boundary color turn deep.

2. The previous white patches won’t spread any more.

3. The white spot color gets red or light, obscure, and narrow to the center.

4. The boundary color shows deep color.

5. In the center, there is the little black dots, melanin island, or the surround of white patch turn


6. The stealth white patch disappeared.

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The Features of Children Segmental Vitiligo. There are the features of children segmental vitiligo.

1. Most cases have the local injury cause.

2. Low heredity.

3. No one case accompany with halo nevus.

All of those features show that the segmental vitiligo nosogenesis is different from the normal type vitiligio. The children developing vitiligo stage has a high rate. The active patients have a high rate, the children vitiligo active stage also high, but the whole date of vitiligo is not too high. The children vitiligo usually shows a good treatment effect, and the reoccurrence rate of vitiligo for children is low. Therefore, the Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital export group advice the children should get early diagnosis and early treatment. The Features of Dot-Based Vitiligo Cluster white dot type of vitiligo’s disease source normally based on the follicle center and show pigment color loss little dots which can spread to the bigger round ones, which combine the little ones to form a cluster type vitiligo. The little ones are the satellite vitiligo source, the whole body can show many areas disease source. The active stage, the small ones can enlarge and emerge, let all the clusters source combined to a big one. In the emerged process, the white spots and normal skin show together like a piebald formed a big area. The middle age female and male adults are easy to get it, and the patients are mostly fat. Patients usually accompany with melanin deposit diseases like mole, chloasma, freckles and so on. The attack areas are normally breast, back and arms. Cluster vitiligo should be distinguished from chromophytosis. We should treat it the early the better, or it will emerge to the big area that is difficult to treat and costly. Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital’s exports hope the vitiligo patients don’t wait, the time is money as well as effect. If you are still confused, you can contact our online doctor, and make an appointment with our export.

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