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Some Common Questions Asked by the Vitiligo Patients.

Some common questions asked by the vitiligo patients.Many patients would ask about what is wood lamp test? What is the symptom of vitiligo? In this article I will list some common questions that are asked by the patients.

What is Wood Lamp Test?

Wood lamp is helpful to judge chromatosis nuance, melanin absorbs whole wave uv light. If the melanin decreases, the white patch can reflect light strongly and show a light color. If the pigment is more, the reflective capability of light will also weak, so there is dark color. The wood lamp is used to test the melanin degree of skin to check the surface melanin broken degree ( freckle), the light can let melanin turn deep color, while the corium melanin won’t such feature, then we can find the location of melanin. Under the wood lamp, vitiligo epidermic pigment is more obvious, while the epidermic pigment is not obvious under the wood lamp.

Is Vitiligo Itching?

The minority of vitiligo patients will have local itching firstly before the white patches. The itching can be light or severe. After the white spot occur, the itching symptom will disappear. But the majority of patients are without itching, pain and other sense. Is Vitiligo Related To Pilosebaceous Orifice?

The milk white patch’s pilosebaceous orifice can partly blocked. There is no pilosebaceous orifice

sign in porcelain white patches. In this stage, the treatments are not effective. If we use Chinese medicine and treatments to adjust pilosebaceous orifice is the key of vitiligo therapy. It is the premise of internal and external medication’s effect. It may relate to the follicle’s melanin’s activity, hyperplasia, transformation as well as the formation of melanin.

Can Vitiligo Occur on Mucosa?

Vitiligo can influence to mucosa that is called as mucosa white patches which is easy to betransformed to the active stage, and the prognosis is bad. Oral mucosa and lip are most common,

then the external genital organ mucosa like large and small labia, the vagina, the glans penis, and coronary sulcus.

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