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Who Knows What is Vitiligo

Who knows what is vitiligoVitiligo is a common chronic depigmentation skin disorder, mainly caused by the melanocyte absence or loss of function. Its pathogenesis is quite complex, and clinic symptoms also is various.

The Traditional Chinese medical think that onset of vitiligo is due to internal injury caused by excess of seven emotions, depression of liver-QI, stagnant movement of Qi and blood in addition chill wind, wind evil fighting on the skin, cause disorder of qi and blood induce the vitiligo occurrence. But this disease might occur on any part. Its pathogenesis related to the environment and the genetic factor, and diet and so on. From the pathogenesis to say it related to low immunity, and disorder of the viscera, skin micro circulation obstruction. Modern medical research also indicates that vitiligo related to immunology genetic basis, cell-mediated immunity, humoral immunity, cytokines also contribute to unsetting of vitiligo.

The skin of the human body is like the vegetation on the land. It is similar to the desertification of the land. All the medication, nutrients are transported through the blood to organs and tissues. Because of the visceral not cooperate with each other well, immunity disorder etc. it lead tyrosinase activity decreased or completely lost. When there are not efficient melanin, and poor blood circulation, it further triggers inner skin layer structure big change. The nutrients needed by melanocytes can not be transported to the inner layer cells of the skin, resulting in the lack of local pigmentation, resulting in vitiligo.

If this goes on for a long time, it will enter a vicious cycle, and the white spots on the skin will be expanded like a piece of desert, and eventually a large scale of "desertification of the skin" will be formed".

Although vitiligo will not cause hurt, itch to patients, but the vitiligo appears with no fixed place. if vitiligo on exposed parts, it will affect their image even affect the future work and life of the patients, some patients get sick and ashamed to see people, the character gradually become withdrawn, even go on the road of suicide.

In more severe cases with hair white, if we don’t treat it timely, it can lead to poor perspiration, skin cells, metabolic disorders, may trigger other diseases.

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