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Madam Zheng's Treatment Experience

Madam Zheng's Treatment ExperiencePatient Zhou found some white patches over the right rib side by accident, and gradually expanding to the head facial, cervical, trunk, and extremities. She ever treated his vitiligo at the clinic, and was diagnoses as vitiligo. She received some medication treatment and epidermis transplant. Her cervical and groin white patches restore the skin color, but her vitiligo rebound again after two years. Her face’s vitiligo is induced by allergic reaction. And the right eyes external corner appears white patches.

A twenty five years ole girl, the age being loved, because of vitiligo this disease, her dream is broke up. But Zhou Zhang jie didn’t give up treating her vitiligo. She found the Beijing ZhongKe vitiligo hospital online. After she came to hospital, Specialist Zheng made a therapeutic planning according her examination results. The long term treatment experience made Zhou is more observant than ordinary people. She listened the specialist Zheng’s advice, to stay in hospital. Because there are some white patches on his head, according to the doctor’s advice, she made her mind doing one things even the body don’t dare to do. Finally, she saw some pigment forming on her face, Zhou knew that her effort wasn’t in vain. As fifth days, some obvious melanin was appearing, but because of she needs to work, so she has to discharge from hospital, she brought some medication with her. After one and half month treatment. The specialist Zheng laughed and clapped her hands, because the head face has been restored, the week Zhang Jie smile gentlely. Then, after 7 days of consolidation treatment, finally her skin is completely restored. And tell you the good news, love is coming!!!

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