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Mr Han's Treatment Experience

vitiligo treatment When  Mr Han was young he got this disease, he can not remember the reason of getting this disease. He only knew that this disease accompanied him on his whole puberty. He heard from his family members that the right side abdomen finds small white patches as size of the nail. Gradually small white patches gradually spreading until cover the whole abdomen and hip area, and the right hand, right lower limp and both feet all appear white patches. His family members bring her to the clinic, it was diagnosed as vitiligo. The doctor prescribed him various orally drugs and some of creams to treat this disease, but it didn’t see obvious therapeutic effect. Afterward they went to another clinic, even they saw few pigment on the white patches area. However the vitiligo didn’t stop spreading, the white patches size expanding instead. Tong also thinks of his vitiligo become more severe than before.

One day his brother saw our Beijing ZhongKe vitiligo hospital’s information online, he made his mind to try one more time because he already very tired about this disease. After coming to our hospital, the Mr. Zheng conducts a careful and professional check up for him. And after some test done, he made a therapeutic plan for him. Finally Mr. Zheng needed him to stay in hospital for one month first. Under the cooperation of our doctors, and with the help of specialist, the patient’s white patches boundaries become clearer, the Melancytes Island is formed, and the large white patches are covered by the melancytes. The handsome guy becomes confident again. The specialist said that the therapeutic effect is pretty well, but he still need continue the treatment. The white patches are not possible to recover, we need to scientific treatment.

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