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A Female Neck Vitiligo Recovery Case

A Female Neck Vitiligo Recovery Case,vitiligoThere is a UK vitiligo patient who named Amy, 27 years old, whose vitiligo shows on neck. The color is not too white, but she had tried many treatments, but that are not effective.

Firstly, there are some of the small white dots on neck skin. She uses some make-up to cover them. But the small white dots became bigger and bigger, finally formed a big whole area. In the past years, she used many treatments and medication. There are some improvements. But that are only short time effects. And the other vitiligo friend told her that if the hormone medicine used too much that will cause some side effects and complication. Her friend has got some good treatments and long term no recurrence from China.

She also wants to have a try and she also came to the Beijing CASU Huabei TCM Vitiligo Hospital. And she made an appointment online with the vitiligo expert Liu Yuntao who treated her friend. The doctor made a system tests and ask the vitiligo history. The doctor told her that the vitiligo still is in active stage for the boundary is not clear, so it can spread to the other area or become bigger one.

At that time, the most important thing is to control it, which won’t spread to the other areas. Secondly, it is to do the repigmentation work. Finally, we need prevent the recurrence of vitiligo.

The doctor made a 1-month treatment plan for her. The first two weeks are to control the vitiligo.

Expert Liu applied UM-D treatment system. In 3 days, the skin had turned red. Sometime, she felt itching. The doctor told her that is the common treatment symptoms.

After 7 days treatments, the middle of whit skin has shown some small black dots that are pigment islands. She stayed in hospital for one month. After 1 month, she took 3 months Chinese medicine, there show good effects and further improvement.

Now, her neck color is totally recovery. But she still follows the doctor’s advice to pay attention of lifestyle. She is very happy to see this effect.

Vitiligo all show white spots on skin, but there are many triggers. To find out the real trigger of different patients that is significant and necessary. If you also want a further consultation about vitiligo, you can consult the online doctor and send your problems to casuhospital@hotmail.com and hope we can do a favor for you.

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