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What are the main causes of vitiligo?

vitiligo causeVitiligo is a kind of malignant skin diseases.It is not only difficult to treat, but also is easy to relapse,which brings severe injuries to patients work and life.So, what are the causes of vitiligo?Let's take a look at experts are described in detail.Let us take a look at the detailed descriptions of our experts.

1.Trauma:burn,scald,knife,mosquito bites,infection.Trauma is inducing factors.It is on the basis of the deficiency of qi and blood.

2.Endocrine and immune dysfunction:some pathogenic factors(chemical and heavy metals ) can lead to endocrine and immune dysfunction and produce melanin cell antibodies.The melanin cell damage and depigmentation will cause the disease.The damaged melanin cell can release antigen again and stimulate the body produce more and more melanin cell antibodies.It will make more melanin cells damaged,thus form a vicious circle.Finally, aggravate the illness and lead the disease to worse development.What is more,long-term psychological and mental trauma can also lead to the body neurohumral regulation imbalance and endocrine disorders,thus lead to vitiligo.

3.The lack of trace elements:trace elements are the active substances which are involved in the metabolism of body,such as copper, zinc,selenium, iodine,etc.They are directly involved in the synthesis of melanin cells and protect the melanin cells from heavy metal poison damage.Studies have found that the lack and disproportionality of melanin cell can both result in the synthesis problem of melanin cell.

4.Genetic factors:studies have found that vitiligo may be an sutosomal dominant dermatosis.Foreign statistics find that 30%patients have positive family history and in identical twins, two are both in the disease.Domestic reported positive family history is 3% ~ 12%, lower than the reports abroad.

Experts remind:based on the introduction of the causes of vitiligo, you must have known some condition of vitiligo.It should be pointed out that, although vitiligo is a kind of difficult disease,it is able to be rehabilitation with the scientific treatment.Patients should have confidence and keep a happy mood at the same time.Avoid the depressive mood to cause vitiligo.

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