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Vitiligo Causes from Different Aspects

Vitiligo Causes from Different Aspects,Vitiligo As we all know that vitiligo is a skin disorder that skin show a color loss. If we want an effective treatment, we should know about the vitiligo from the details of vitiligo causes as well as the skin metabolism system.

Vitiligo will occur when melanocytes die or stop producing melanin that the pigments that will give your skin, hair and eye color. The infected patches of skin can become lighter or white. Doctors still don't know why the pigment forming cells fail or die. The causes may be related to:

Your immune system disorder attacks and destroys the melanocytes in your skin. Normally the immune system is to protect the self-tissue to avoid the attack from the external invaders. But the immune system overreacts to the triggers. Then the self-tissue is also attacked by the immune system.

Family history, heredity is an important aspect of vitiligo causes, there are many patients accompany with an obvious family history trend.

A trigger event, such as sunburn, stress or exposure to industrial chemicals. Pressure is an aspect, that can cause the vitiligo occur and can also worsen the vitiligo spreading.

Foods trigger. The over intake of vitamin C is a risk to get vitiligo. Vitamins are necessary for our health, only vitamin c is bad for vitiligo. You may ever intake vitamin C to improve the condition or keep health. But it is really bad and will show opposite influences on the vitiligo treatments. Therefore, you can avoid the vitamin C fruits.

In Chinese medical view, vitiligo shows the white spots on skin, the causes are in blood, while the root is the internal organs disorder. So the treatment theory is to remove blood toxin.

There are many cause, we should figure out your causes, and treat from the concrete causes, there will show a fast and obvious effect. If you have any problems about vitiligo, you can send your problems to casuhospital@hotmail.com and you can also consult our online doctor directly.

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