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Why women are more likely to have vitiligo

women vitiligo patientsThis is the problem that a lot of women want to know. Because most people are usually concerned about their appearance ,if there are some white spot on their skin ,especially the obvious positions, patients will easily get depressed and have the self-abased psychology. It will greatly affect their normal life and even waste a great number of money and time to treat it. Not only damage the patient, but also influence the whole family. It is quite necessary for us to have an understanding of the disease.

First, the disease is related to endocrine disorders. Women are more prone to get endocrine disorders than men. Once you get endocrine disorders, the body’s ability to fight the disease will be greatly reduced. Thus, it is easy to cause the disease vitiligo. The study found that the risk of adult women getting the disease are more than girls. And pregnant women are more likely to get leucoderma than those women who are not pregnant. Women who have thyroid disease or diabetes and other endocrine diseases have a higher incidence of vitiligo than normal women.

Second, vitiligo can be affected by cosmetics. And cosmetics stimulation is also an important factor that aggravate vitiligo. Female friends use more cosmetics and skin care products than the male. And these cosmetics and skin care products are various. And some irritant materials will greatly damage the skin. For example, most skin care products and cosmetics contain chemical composition, and these chemicals can cause stimulation to the skin, and then induce vitiligo.

Third, unreasonable diet. The malnutrition caused by frequent fast food or food preference stimulation, greasy food, smoking, grilled foods are the important causes of endocrine disorders, which can also lead to vitiligo.

Forth, irregular work and rest. Vitiligo has certain relationship with working pressure, insomnia, irregular schedule,etc. The busy work, overtime work, stay up late and irregular sleep will often cause endocrine disorders, which may induce vitiligo.

All in all, hope the introductions of these knowledge can make certain help to you. The expert reminds, female friends can know more about the causes of vitiligo, and then actively prevent vitiligo aiming at these causes.In this way, patients can reduce the harm and annoyance of vitiligo.

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