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Regular Causes of Vitiligo Onset

Regular Causes of Vitiligo Onset,Vitiligo Vitiligo is a common skin disorder that the skin loses the original color. There are various causes, one of the onset causes is metabolism and immune system disorder. Some chemical or other toxic objects lead self-tissue occur immune disorder or metabolism not balanced.

There are anti-body of pigment, causing the decrease of melanocyte, onset of color loss. The broken melanocyte can also synthesis antigen, which can stimulate tissue to produce more melanin antibody that will cause further destruction of melanocyte, which is a vicious circle, then the vitiligo will get further development.

The distress and pressure are also onset triggers. There is a saying that the body will synthesis some toxic factors when your nerves are tense and the pressure is huge. So that will promote the development.

The skin of white spots may itching or pain sometimes. But you should not scratch the itchy areas. Or the isomorphic response may occur, leading the other areas also show the white spots of vitiligo. So we advice you lap or take a relative cold water to ease the itching skin and avoid the isomorphic condition.

We all know that we should supplement vitamin and trance elements that can make some improvements of physical condition. But there is also a degree limitation. If you eat too much vitamin C, that can cause vitiligo onset. So the diet trigger is also an aspect of vitiligo condition. But you get vitiligo can caused by different causes, and usually only one aspect can’t trigger. The onset of vitiligo usually is caused by many factors. The external as well as the internal causes together work on one patient, then the risk to get vitiligo is big.

The lack or loss of trace elements can also be a aspect. The trace elements like cupper, zinc ions are related to vitiligo.

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