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Why Vitiligo Patients Should not Smoke

There are many triggers of vitiligo, one of the triggers is smoking. Vitiligo is skin disease, which can last long time. And we should know about the bad effects of smoking.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in the United States has found that smoking can cause irreversible changes in the methylation of some genes and cause disease. Vitiligo is also possible to be triggered.

The researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis of 16 thousand blood samples. The results showed that after quitting smoking, most of the affected genes in 5 years to recover automatically. But then, the research team made a compare of DNA methylation between smokers, smokers of methyl DNA sites and never smokers. They find out that smoking DNA methylation loci associated with more than 7000 genes, accounting for about 1/3. And these known human genes methylation in DNA sites still exist in 30 years after quitting. It is also meaning for the vitiligo test. The vitiligo patients also need do the blood tests.

Dr. Stephen London, vice chairman of the Institute of epidemiology, said although the results emphasize the long-term effects of smoking, but it is clear that the sooner quit smoking, the less adverse effects on the body. According to statistics, smoking is the most preventable cause of preventable deaths global, about 6 million cases per year. The researchers said, we already know that smoking can lead to many health problems, including cancer, heart disease , vitiligo and stroke. Even after quitting smoking, smoking may still increase the risk of illness and DNA methylation can be the important factor in causing these risks.

Smoking is bad habit, if you like smoking and alcohol for one week, the vitiligo can get heavily worse than before.

If you stop smoking and alcohol, the vitiligo can get better. The other diseases can also be prevented in some degree. Vitiligo should pay attentions on many aspects of triggers. Smoking is only one aspect.

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