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Patients should have a better understanding of vitiligo

vitiligo symptomVitiligo is a kind of depigmentation skin disease. Human skin is composed by epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissues and appendant organ. It can be divided to baser layer, prickle cell layer, granular layer, the transparent layer and stratumcorneum from inside to outside. These five layers are constituted of angle of yuan cell and dentritic cell. Dentritic cell has three kinds, and one of it is melanin cell. Melanin cell can take advantage of tyrosine to compound melanin under the promotion of tyrosinase. Because of the decrease and disappearance of tyrosinase activity of melanin cell in skin and hair follicle, there will be depigmentation disease in epidermis, which will be the direct reason to arouse leucoderma. And the melanin cell will be damaged and can not produce melanin any more. Also some experts find that vitiligo patients have a lower content of trace elements, such as copper, zinc, iron and etc. So it may be caused by the decrease of microelement and biological enzyme metabolism abnormity. In the treatment process, patients should have a correct understanding of vitiligo symptom and causes, then you can get specific treatment.

Vitiligo patients will get many white spots on their skin, but there will not be itch or other unwell symptoms. In the sunlight, it will be especially obvious, especially on hands, feet, arms, face, lips and other positions. The positions easy to appear vitiligo are usually oxter, lip, eye,nose,navel and genitals and etc.

There are three ways for vitiligo to appear:Just small part of the human body, or one side of the body, but most patients will be around the whole body and the various parts. Besides, some patients get it on their heads, which will also make their hair get white. If it get on the eye and eyebrow, it will influence the retina and arouse cataract and other complications.

Vitiligo symptom is quite obvious, experienced doctors and experts can diagnose it directly by their eyes. But it will better to have a thorough scientific examination. Here are some common examination:

1. Wood light can better diagnose the onset of vitiligo.

2. The microelement examination can check whether the trace elements are normal or not.

3. Immunity examination can diagnose the immunity function.

4. Skin CT can check the depigmentation degree of melanin cell.

If you want a further knowledge about vitiligo causes, you can send your own problem to vitiligocure@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution. After all, the symptoms are similar, but the real conditions are different.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.

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