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Is Vitiligo Related to Trace Elements

Is Vitiligo Related to Trace Elements,Vitiligo There are many causes of vitiligo like injury, pressure, food, infection, and so on. The loss of trace element, vitamins and so on, but the vitiligo patients usually show a lack of cupper ion, zinc ion.

Through the trace elements comparison of 100 normal people and the vitiligo patients, especially the hair trance element of copper ion, the average contain level of vitiligo patients is 8.6898µg/g, while the normal people is 10.0703µ/g. Through t test P which is less than 0.05 shows that the vitiligo is related to low level of copper ion. And through the tests of zinc, tin, manganese, the normal people and vitiligo patients are no big difference. The others like serum copper oxidase decreases the activity, while the serum monoamine oxidase is increased, the Serum copper blue egg  protein is increased. The other reports are chromosome aberration and microcirculation block.

But trace elements are only one aspect of vitiligo causes. And the patients can also be triggered by many causes. The sun exposure can lead vitiligo occur, and the injury on local areas that can also the skin lesions to occur color change. There are many similar cases.

The minority of vitiligo patients will have local itching firstly before the white patches. The itching can be light or severe. After the white spot occur, the itching symptom will disappear. But the majority of patients are without itching, pain and other sense. And the vitiligo can also attack other areas.

The milk white patch’s pilosebaceous orifice can partly blocked. There is no pilosebaceous orifice sign in porcelain white patches. In this stage, the treatments are not effective. If we use Chinese medicine and treatments to adjust pilosebaceous orifice is the key of vitiligo therapy. It is the premise of internal and external medication’s effect. It may relate to the follicle’s melanin’s activity, hyperplasia, transformation as well as the formation of melanin.

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