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What are the causes of vitiligo

vitiligo causesThe causes of vitiligo are quite various. It is relevant to hereditary factors, the harmful substance in pollution, long-term negative emotion, the disorder of internal secretion and immunity function, improper living and diet habit, the deficiency of nutrition, and etc.

Vitiligo is a kind of local or generalized depigmentation disease. After getting this disease, many positions of human body can appear white spots. It can seriously affect normal life. Many patients want to it is what factors that trigger their onset of vitiligo. After all, the treatment for vitiligo is still a cosmopolitan challenge in medical field. The treatment for vitiligo must be careful and prevent it from spreading. Therefore, before treatment , it is necessary to find out your vitiligo causes in vitiligo hospital.

First, the harmful substance in pollution. The causes of vitiligo is related to the harmful substance, such as excessive use of pesticides, bactericide, ripener for crop, the excessive growth hormone for carnivorous poultry, the untreated flue gas and effluent emission let by the industrial production, and the exhaust emission of motor vehicle. They are all the factors can arose vitiligo.

Second, the long-term negative emotion. The onset of vitiligo may relate to the long -term low mood, pessimism and disappointment, anxiety. For example, nervous emotion can influence the formation of melanin. Because nervous emotion can stimulate the epinephrine secretion and the synthesis of epinephrine needs to consume lots of tyrosine. If tyrosine be consumed, it will surely influence the synthesis of melanin. And then lead to the onset of vitiligo.

Third, the disorder of internal secretion and immunity function. Some pathogenic factor of vitiligo has relationship with heavy mental substances, which will cause the disorder of immunity function, imbalance of internal function and then produce melanophore antibody, causing the damage and attrition of melanophore.

Forth, the improper dietary habit. Patients who have inheritance tendency should eat more food rich in tyrosine and mineral substance, including meat, egg, pork liver, peanut, walnut and semen sesami nigrum.

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