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Is vitiligo infectious

vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is kind of common skin depigmentation disease, which is a common disease and frequently-occurring disease. The pathogenesis of this disease is still not thorough yet. At present, it is found that the disease is a kind of autoimmunity disease. If vitiligo spreads seriously, it will affect external image and make patients afflictive. Whether vitiligo can infect other people is a question that most people care about.

It is a disease related to immunity which is common in dermatology. There is a cell called melanophore, which plays a vital role in maintaining human normal skin color. If the melanophore functions weaken or disappear, there will be a phenomenon of local skin depigmentation, forming pieces white spots. First, we can know that vitiligo is a kind of skin disease related to immunity. It is not contagious skin disease. Therefore, vitiligo can not infect others. The normal touch with vitiligo patients is setreat. With the rapid pace of life and the increase of work and study pressure, more and more people will get vitiligo. Of course, the disease also relate to tyrosine, trace elements, mental factors and etc. And some opinions think that vitiligo is related to the blood, ceruloplasmin. The tyrosinase activity decline will also influence melanophore.

Vitiligo will start from local positions and then spread. When your vitiligo is at the initial stage, you should treat it positively to prevent it from spreading.

In a word, vitiligo is not a infectious disease. Vitiligo patients can eat more black rice, black soya bean, black sesame and etc. These foods can supplement tyrosine in human body. Besides, vitiligo patients should try to get proper sunlight. Keep pleasant emotion. Ensure enough sleep time. They are beneficial to vitiligo recovery.

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