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Why can kids get vitiligo

vitiligo causesVitiligo belongs to a kind of skin disease which will bring important influence and inconvenience to patients. People of all age groups, from little kids to teenagers and to adult and the elders, can be the victim of vitiligo. If kids get vitiligo, parents should not be surprised. The first thing you should do is to take useful measures to control its development and treat it from the root.

1. The internal secretion and immunity imbalance: Some pathogenic factor will lead to the immunity function disorder and the internal section function disorder. At the same time, it will generate melanophore antibodies and cause melanophore damage and attrition. Doctors say that long-term mental pressure and psychic will lead to the neurohumoral regulation imbalance, thus arouse the internal secretion disorder.

2. Genetic factors: Many conditions will be related to inheritance. And vitiligo is different from other symptoms. Inheritance can be one of the reason. But vitiligo is a kind of polygenes disease. The onset of vitiligo will be the function of many factors. Just inheritance may not directly arouse it.

3. Trauma factors: Many external reasons may also cause the onset of vitiligo, such as burn, scald, knife stab wound, mosquito bite, infection. The trauma is the inducing factor and vitiligo will generate as a result of derangement of Qi and blood.

4. The deficiency of trace elements: The onset of vitiligo has great relationship with trace elements. The trace elements are the activity substance participating in metabolism. The trace elements, such as copper, zinc, selenium, iodine. The deficiency of trace elements and the imbalance of internal section will lead to the melanophore synthesis obstacle.

When your kids’ vitiligo is at the initial stage, it can not be seen by our eyes. For parts of patients, their vitiligo will spread quickly to the whole body in a short time, presenting to be pieces. And the color will be light white. With the vitiligo development, the color will be darker , presenting to be pure white. So the treatment for vitiligo should be as early as possible.

Because kids are too young to pay attention to their daily life, parents should tell them to cultivate good living habits and diet habit. For example, vitamin C, seafood and irritant food should be avoided.

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