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Various Causes for Vitiligo

Various Causes for Vitiligo,VitiligoVitiligo is not a fatal disease, while it has the risk to spread to the other areas. And another big risk is that can pass the kids. So we advice the patients keep the vitiligo condition in a well controlled condition then you can plan to have a baby. Another problem is that we vitiligo patients need wear long clothing to cover the white patches in summer. But the vitiligo disease doesn't spread to the others. We should know about the causes of vitiligo.

In the modern medical view that vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder, the patients’ immune system will protest our own tissues from the invaders of the outside, but the immune system finally attacks the self-tissue together. So there are some medicines with anti-immune effects.

From daily life, the triggers are pressure, immune disorder, weather change, injection, injury and over exposure in the sun and heredity. The doctor usually told you the pressure cause or heredity.

In China, there is a kind of medicine call TCM, the Traditional Chinese Medicine with a history over 3000 years. And the Chinese doctors think the human body is a whole system, every system of human body and internal organs have a necessary relation with each other.

The symptom shows on the skin, but the causes are in blood, the root is internal organs disorder. So we remove the blood toxin and adjust the immune systems with treatments and herb medicine to prevent the production of the blood toxin. The modern treatments are combined together.

With many clinical cases and decades years of medical studies, we figure out the real cause of vitiligo is in blood. There is a kind of enzyme called superoxide dismutase in blood. When this enzyme die or stop functioning, the anion free radicals can’t be removed, so there are some bad results.

1. The immune system disorder.

2. Tyrosinase’s activity decreases.

3. Melanin cells antibodies increases.

4. Trace elements loss, like copper and zinc ions.

5. Vitiligo susceptibility cells occur suddenly.

6. The pigment cells’ apoptosis.

7. Finally, the obstruction of melanin secretion.

Those are the causes and the results of vitiligo disease.

It is treated as a disease that is hard to be treated. But if we can pay attention to the triggers and get the early diagnosis and treatments, the effects can get obvious effects. And keep a optimistic mood, the condition will also get better.

The symptoms of vitiligo are similar, actually there are many types and the treatments vary from people to people. If you want a further knowledge, you can consult the online doctor or send us email to casuhospital@hotmail.com , we can give you a professional solution.

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