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The various causes of vitiligo

vitiligo causesThe specific causes of vitiligo is still not very clear, but it can be concluded to the following nine factors: hereditary factor, neuropsychical factor, chemical factor, the relative deficiency tyrosine and copper ion, infection factor, trauma factor and etc. We can see, the pathogenic factors are extensive and considerable quantity of patients can not find out any inducing factors. Researches find that no matter what attack positions are, the onset of your disease is related to microcirculation. Therefore, we should make efforts on this aspect. According to the clinical observation, the daily causes in life to vitiligo can be summarized as the following aspects:

First, the industry pollution: The industry pollution on environment is one of the main reason leading to high morbidity in recent years. There are many harmful substance for human. For example, the noxious gas and effluent which have not been disposed and the rapidly increasing automobile exhaust, such as sulfur dioxide, strong acid, strong alkali, lead, arsenic, mercury, benzene, phenol and other chemical or heavy mental toxic substances will directly damage human body. Recently, lots of fluorine kind of refrigerant has destroyed the ozone sphere in atmosphere, which leads to the excessive irradiation to earth surface. These substances are the reason for a high morbidity of vitiligo.

Second, the agricultural pollution: the excessive using of chemistry substance,such as insecticide, bactericide, ripener and etc, and the excessive content of growth hormone feet to meat poultry will also bring bad influence to human body.

Third, the puffed and beverage have obvious effect on children health. On the one hand, it will disturb the regular diet habits. Children will take them as a kind of snacks and eat them at any time. If things continue this way, it will disturb the normal diet.On the other hand, these snacks belong to sweet food, and the excessive intake will lead to the stomach heat, food stagnant in craw, loss of appetite, anorexia, food preference. Serious food preference will lead to the deficiency of nutrition and immunity declining, which will affect the normal growth of human body and lead to the onset of many diseases.

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