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Is vitiligo directly related to blood

vitiligo causeVitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease, which is called leucoderma or vitiligo in traditional Chinese field. On human skin surface, there will be circular or oval white spots of different sizes. The boundary is clear and the pigment in edge area is darker. Recent researches show that vitiligo can also involve eyes and ears besides human skin. This disease can appear in a great crowd of various age groups, genders and races. Generally speaking, vitiligo morbidity is about 1%~2%. In recent years, the morbidity is gradually increasing year by year, even has a tendency to become younger in average age. Vitiligo usually happens on winkle and exposed areas. At present, the biggest problem is its bad influence on appearance.

The onset of vitiligo has direct relation with blood and internal organs. The viscera disorder is the inducing factor and the decline of tyrosinase activity in human blood is the real root of vitiligo. The function imbalance of internal organs will arouse the decline of body immunity function, the deficiency of copper ion and other trace elements, the disorder of internal secretion and etc. These inducing factors will directly lead to the decline or decrease of tyrosinase activity in blood and serum. Then it can not oxidize the necessary nutrition for melanophore generation. Thus leading to the deficiency of nutrition and attrition of melanophore to death. Then it will cause vitiligo.

Therefore, the root of vitiligo is in the viscera and blood. If you want to treat it effectively and quickly, you should find out your vitiligo causes and treat it from the root. The reasons of melanin attrition is the improper diet, the deficiency of trace elements, trauma, the disorder of internal secretion, psychological pressure and inheritance and etc. In daily life, you should pay attention to your diet habits. For example, eat less spicy food and food rich in vitamin C, such as orange, hawthorn, kiwi fruit, tomato, paper, caraway, Chinese chives. Eat more peanut, walnut, black sesame, black bean, and lean meat. Avoid cigarette and wine. Don’t be exposed in straight sunlight.

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