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The Influence of Ultraviolet Ray on Vitiligo Patients

ultraviolet rayWhen people absorb enough ultraviolet ray, there will be complicated biochemical reaction, but the pathogenesis is still not clear yet. It may promote the generation of pigment, increase skin protective screen, generate vitamin D, affect skin immunity function, arouse skin erythema reaction, inhibit DNA synthesis and promote blood circulation and etc. In clinic, doctors can apply its biological reaction to treat many diseases, and even use some medicines to increase the absorption of ultraviolet ray. Then increase this biological reaction. However, everything has dual characters, which determines its advantages and disadvantages. Although ultraviolet ray treatment for vitiligo can make good effect and is a standard treatment for vitiligo, some proper irradiation of ultraviolet ray is necessary.

In summer, the damage of ultraviolet ray is very big if there is no any protection for your skin. It may also lead to the appearance of skin cancer. Too much sunlight will be harmful to human skin. In sunlight, the infrared ray and ultraviolet ray UVA,UVB,UVC, especially UVA whose wavelength is about 320nm-400nm, which can permeate into real cortex. This phenomenon will make human skin become dark and affect the growth of skin cells. However, skin is a defense line for human. When skin is irradiated by ultraviolet ray, these cells will secrete dark look plain particles to skin surface. If things go like this, the dark look on skin surface will continue increasing and becoming dark. In clinic, some patients will get the disease or aggravate the disease in summer or and autumn. In the positions burned by ultraviolet ray, there will be depigmentation spots. In view of this, doctors suggest patients should avoid strong sunlight.

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