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Is Vitiligo Related With Autoimmune Function

First I’d like to introduce autoimmune diseases to you.

Autoimmune diseases is mean to that the body has immune response to self antigens and then induces self tissue damage and causes the disease.

What deserve to mention is the exist of autoantibody and autoimmune disease are not two identical concepts.

Autoantibody can exist in the normal people without autoimmune disease.

Such as anti thyroid globulin antibody, thyroid epithelial cell antibodies and parietal cell antibody.

Sometimes, the changed tissues of damaged anti agent also can activate the production of autoantibody.

Myocardial damage and necrotic myocardium both can cause the formation of anti myocardial autoantibody. But this kind of antibody has no pathogenic role. It is a kind of secondary immune response reaction.

According to the autoimmune diseases introduction, we can know that vitiligo is related with autoimmune function.

Clinical research founds most of the vitiligo patients have autoantibody in their blood serum,

Such as : anti thyroid gland antibody, anti parietal cell antibody, peripheral blood lymphocytes decreased in the blood test, the T lymphocyte decline in the autoimmune system tests.

The vitiligo pathogenesis tissue biopsy indicates: on the vitiligo lesion and the edge of vitiligo, there is great amount of langerhans cell, the skin CT indicates there are phagocytic cells and pigment granules deposition in the dermis.

All these indicate the immune system participate in the pathogenesis of vitiligo.

Even there are some scholars hold that vitiligo is an autoimmune disease.

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