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Is Vitiligo Hereditary

Vitiligo causesWe all know that vitiligo is not an infectious disease, but it intends to be inherited. So many female vitiligo patients are rather concerned if vitiligo will be inherited to their kid. Now let’s talk about this problem in detail.

Experts said that vitiligo was not certainly inherited, but there are some conditions. Kids with simple hereditary factors will not surely have vitiligo, but if there are some factors that affected those who have hereditary factors and lead to pigment loss, then vitiligo happens. So kids who have family history should pay attention to prevent those factors that can cause vitiligo, like tension, trauma, sunshine exposure, etc.

Vitiligo patients can get married and give birth to baby, however, parents should pay attention to their kid’s diet, life, study after they were born, and let them rest and exercise properly, avoid sunshine exposure, reduce their tension, that will help reduce incidence greatly. If the vitiligo will be inherited to the kids will be known when they grow up or become adult, so it is difficult to know who will inherit the disease. Some also think that if the mother balance her nutrition during her pregnancy can greatly reduce the incidence of vitiligo in infant.

So we should avoid those factors that can trigger vitiligo, like trauma, excessive sunshine exposure, tension, etc. And during pregnancy, they also should relax and take good rest, at the same time, pay attention to their diet and avoid fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, like orange, and so on.

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