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The Aim of Vitiligo is to Persecute Melancytes

Why someone will get the vitiligo suddenly? And the aim of the vitiligo is to persecute the melancytes. This article will introduce you the phenolic compounds will induce the vitiligo, it makes the melancytes death.

melancytesThe occurrence of vitiligo is because of melancytes function is hyperactive at epidermis, it lead the melancytes to dead in the early period, it also will accumulate some intermediate during the process of synthesizing of melancytes. For example, phenolic compounds, highly active gene. These substances will have the toxic effect to the normal or malignant melancytes. In the normal situation, the melancytes could excrete out these toxic substances by self-protective mechanism. Once the protective mechanism goes wrong or the toxic substance accumulates in the cells. It leads to the melancytes injury, damage, and death. This is why the vitiligo occurs. This will explain why the black people have the higher morbidity than the yellow and white race people. And why deep color skin of the normal person is easily to turn white color.

We have found in 96.64% cases of vitiligo, the occurrence, aggravation of the white spot is related to the season factors, especially during the end of the spring and beginning of summer this period, white spot easily to take place. Among the 5.45% cases have the history of blazing sun exposure experience. The disease is stared after serious sunburn. The Experimental results show the tyrosine consist of catechu powder, para-tertiary, butyl phenol, hydroquinone, butyl phenol and methyl catechol that are skin bleaching agents. The toxic quinonyl destroy the melancytes, it makes melancytes degenerate or die. People use the certain daily living goods frequently or because of their occupation. Contacting and absorbing these chemical substances will induce the vitiligo. And the morbidity of the vitiligo has an increased trend year by year. The one of the reasons possibly may relate to the more and more using of the phenolic compounds. So when we contact too much this kind of phenolic compounds will induce the vitiligo. the melancytes function will become hyperactive.

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