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Micronutrient Deficiency Leads to Vitiligo

The lack of trace elements: trace elements are involved in the body's metabolism of the active material of intermediate links, such as copper, selenium, zinc, iodine, etc., they are directly involved in the synthesis of melanoma cells, as well as protection against heavy metal poisons melancytes Injury Effect. Proof, micronutrient deficiencies and imbalance can lead to the synthesis of obstacles melanocytes.

Micrnutrients Deficiency Lead to VitiligoBlood is one of the important team members for the cells- blood- psychology in the treatment of vitiligo. We have mentioned that some bioactive factors are transported by the blood passage to the relevant cells. As early as 1938, some foreign scholars proposed that the vitiligo is caused by lack of copper in body. Quite a few reporters and our clinical experience indicated that the copper or copper blue protein value is lower compared with the normal control group in the blood and skin of vitiligo patients. It causes the tyrosinase activity decreased, and it further affects metabolism of the melanin. Recently years, scholars at home and abroad have a further study about the relationship between the trace element copper and vitiligo. Molecular biological study reveals that trace element will combine proteins and other organic genes in our body to form enzyme, hormone, microorganism, biological macromolecules etc. So the trace element is the important carrier and electron transfer system in our body.

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