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Vitiligo and Gender

The vitiligo and gender Vitiligo, a common dermatological disorder is characterized by milky-white depigmented macules devoid of identifiable melanocytes. Its incidence varies from 1 to 2% worldwide and has been shown to be as high as 3-4% in India. Vitiligo, often considered as a multifactorial disease, has important clinical and social consequences particularly in the pigmented skin. Though, the condition is cosmetically important, studies have also shown the association of vitiligo with several organ specific as well as systemic autoimmune diseases.

The vitiligo with gender, we have done some researches about the onset age of vitiligo to the male and female. We found that the female patients with vitiligo have the early onset age than the male patients. In addition to the development period, endocrine system have some subtle changes during this period, the endocrine disorder is the common factor that induce the vitiligo. During the development period, the supplying of nutrition and copper element is less than the body needs. It will direct affect the synthesis and the metabolism of the melancytes. All in all, the female have a early onset age than the male patients.

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