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Does Vitiligo is a Blood Disease

Does Vitiligo is a blood diseaseVitiligo is a continual and long-term skin problem that produces patches of white depigmentation that develop and enlarge in certain sections of the skin.

The patches appear when melanocytes within the skin die off. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for producing the skin pigment -melanin. Does the vitiligo is a blood disease. In fact there are not enough evidence to proof the vitiligo is a blood disease.

For the cause of the vitiligo, we can say that the onset of vitiligo is due to the tyrosinase activity decreased or disappear for the melancytes. It leads to the local or generalized vitiligo. In this respect, the onset of vitiligo not direct related to the blood. However the data shows that the there are have some neuroendocrine and immunological changes for the vitiligo patients. Therefore, some of the laboratory test report has some abnormal findings when we do the blood test for the vitiligo patients.

The research data indicate that the platelet decrease and the relevant antibodies increase indeed at the surface of the platelet for the vitiligo patient present. Some others research show that they even can detected some anti-parietal cell antibodies, antinuclear antibodies, anti-thyroid cytoplasm antibodies, even can detect some the melanin cell antibodies for the vitiligo patient. These abnormal laboratory are not enough to proof the vitiligo is a blood disease.

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