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Will Additional Vitamin C Cause Vitiligo

Vitiligo causesRecently, many patients told me that their doctors prescribed some vitamins for their vitiligo. But will additional Vitamin C cause vitiligo?

You know, there are so many things that can trigger vitiligo, which is closely related with patient’s daily diet and living habits, and many people will supplement vitamin C, because it can improve immune. But will unreasonable Vitamin C supplement cause vitiligo?

Oxalic acid is the metabolic waste of Vitamin C, but it will be discharged differently from each other, in average, 16-64mg oxalic acid will be discharged from urine. Normally, people will worry that too much oxalic acid will cause stone, actually, the oxalic acid in body are partially from metabolites of vitamin C, rest are directly from food intake, or from metabolites of amino acid food.

In addition, we can be sure that the metabolites of vitamin C is finally discharged through urine. If the concentration of Vitamin C in urine is high, it can decrease acid of urine and prevent bacteria, duly effectively avoid urinary infection.

Although there are many advantages, and it can improve immunity, people still can not supplement vitamin unreasonably, especially that people are different from each other, excessive vitamin C can inhibit activity of tyraminase and production of melanin, duly triggering vitiligo.

So, during our daily life, we can not supplement vitamin unreasonably, otherwise, it will lead to other disease.

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