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Too Much Sunshine Cause Vitiligo

Too much sunshine cause vitiligoThe vitiligo is a common skin disease in life. It belongs to the depigmentation of the skin disease, even though the skin surface is smooth, and the patient will not pain and itch. However it will have a great impact to the beauty of the skin. So the vitiligo patient should pay more attention to protect the skin from injuring in summer. So they should take note to prevent the occurrence of vitiligo from every aspect.

The onset of the vitiligo has caused a lot of troubles for many people. Because this disease greatly impact the people’s appearance. You will not feel any pain or itch when you have the vitiligo, but the impact of this disease will cause the patient have the serious psychological disease. So we should always take precautions. The most important thing is not let the disease occur. However some people don’t know that blazing sunshine will induce the vitiligo.

The UV light is intense in summer. The blazing sunshine is easily to cause the inflammation of the skin, especially the head, facial and the exposure areas. These areas are more easily to cause the damaged of the melancytes. So the melancytes will not able to produce the melanin. This will aggravate the vitiligo symptom and induce the occurrence of the white patches. So you should pay more attention to the UV protection. Avoiding do some activities under the hot son.

When the summer is coming, the UV light is adequate, so the vitiligo patients should take more protective measures. When the sunlight irradiate on the skin directly. So the synthesis of the melanin will decrease.

The people will more easily to get sweating in the summer. You should wipe off the sweating, and then use the electric fan or air conditioner to alleviate the condition of body heating. What’s more, the people have a low appetite in a hot weather of summer. So they should make a good nutrition reasonable diet. Better to eat more food which contains rich melanin, such as black fungus, black bean, black sesame seeds etc. Moreover, make sure to care your skin before you go outside, apply the sunscreen cream, remember to take the sunshade. In this way, it will decrease the skin exposure to the sunlight. Prevent the onset and worsen of the vitiligo.

Except caring the skin in summer, you also need to pay attention to your diet. You should have a good mental status at the same time. From the every aspect, you can do a better precaution. At the same time, you have to do a proper physical exercise in order to enhance your body quality.

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