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Developing and Onset of Vitiligo


Developing and onset of vitiligo

It is not difficulty to diagnoses vitiligo. There are no difference of morbidity in male and female. From the new neonate to the elderly all may suffer from this disease, 6-25 years old is the peak age of this disease. The initial stage of the vitiligo is the punctiform or flake pigment fade spots. There is one slice or few white patches slices presence on the body.

Because of the melanin haven’t fade totally, so the margin of the white spot is unclear compared with the normal skin color, the lesion gradually develop and expand. When the melanin totally disappears, the edge of the white spot looks more clearly. It presents the milk white or porcelain white. The size and the shape is unequal, the shape may be circle, or oval, map shape etc. the every part of body have the possible to have the white spot, the facial and cervical area are the most common area have this disease.

After mechanic irrigation, pressure, frication, scratching, the normal skin will become vitiligo or the white patches will start to expand. This is one of the phenomenons for isomorphic reaction. Other forms local skin irradiation, such as burning, sunburn, and chilblain, radioactive rays, infection may also have this kind of reaction. Even it will spread to all over the body.

Vitiligo’s isomorphic reaction has a significant meaning in the clinical area. Some scholars have researched some clinical symptoms in active stage vitiligo. If the patient have the family history of the vitiligo, the course of disease is long or accompany the mucous injury’s patients are easily to transfer developing period.

Whether have the isomorphic reaction or not, it can predict that the vitiligo patients whether that the patient have the immunity disorder or not. The isomorphic reaction positive or negative result, can as a reference to choose the treatment measures, some scholars adopt epidermal grafting to treat the vitiligo, the succeed case all are with the localized skin lesion but without isomorphic reaction.

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